Music has been always considered as important part of life and it plays vital role in creating a soothing effect on mind. That’s why it is often said as the food for soul. Although there are many kinds of music like jazz, rock, classical, hip hop and many others. The most commonly used instruments are guitar, violin, flat guitar ,trumpets and many more.

Music entered the world from the time only animals roamed the earth according to the biomusicologists. It is belief that animals used a musical forms to communicate with each other. There musical tunes is a form of communication among their species. Humpback whales voice is said to be sonatas which they use to communicate.
Human brains are wired for music it is the belief of the biomusicologists. Human has started making music since prehistoric times. The very first musical instruments were carved out of animal bones and were also used for communication .Which were such as whistles. It is about 5000 years ago when people started making music which was used in ceremonies as well as for the pleasure.
The Greek scholar Pythagoras devised a mathematical formula for what is the most commonly used musical scale was the first break through of music. Each note is supposed to be one step higher than the next. Music also has some language that is each note is described in the form of letter.
It was over the thousand years that music became more complex and more it flourished. Many cultures were adapted to the music. With the passage of time the number and kinds of musical instruments expanded. In Europe, music developed mainly for the for Christian religion music was mainly developed in Europe. Music began to reflect the political times or the culture of life with the passage of time. The Beethoven and Bach era, and composers started representing their intense emotions through music in classical music.
Music is for every age for the sake of enjoyment. Lullabies are very much famous among the mothers to put their babies to sleep to their. There is philosophy for some people that babies can hear music in the mother’s womb. When young children, in their pre-school listen to music, it helps them to learn mathematics. Music is considered to be therapeutic. It has been used in medical settings to heal traumatic and stressed patients. It also helps people to get rid of their grief, during a memorial when music is played.

When music is played around us, we don’t think about all of this. However it heals the wounds and plays an important role in the learning process. So, the next time you listen to music, think of it as a gift which not the time pass but it is of the great importance so it should be valued. It not only depicts our cultural heritage but also helps us remember our ancestors and heritage which they have gifted to us.