Music is considered as important part of every culture. Although music has varied between different times, places and people; still music has being considered as important   part of life because it is the best way to express every changing of human emotion and situations. For at least 50,000 years music has been in existence. The very first music was invented in Africa. Through   there it became popular and fundamental part of life. Musicology is the field for the music history.

There is basically five main eras of music. First was prehistoric era. Second was ancient era before AD 500. Third was early era it was from 500 till 1760. Fourth era was of era of common practice from 1600 till 1900. Fifth era was modern and contemporary it started from 1900 and it is still in practice.
Prehistoric era:
Primitive music is most commonly called as prehistoric era. The music that is produced in pre literature era is called as prehistoric era of music. In begins very late in geological history. Prehistoric era is often followed by the ancient music.
Ancient era:
In the end of   prehistoric era the development of reading and writing became much popular which gave birth to the “ancient music”. The “oldest known song” was written 4,000 years ago in cuneiform. The Seikilos Epitah contains the best example of musical composition which contains the entire musical notation.
Early music:
After the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD European classical tradition is best described by the early music. Very small part of the music survived from this era because of the absence in musical notations. However folk music of this era still survived at least as far back as in Middle Ages.
Romantic music:
Romantic is a word which means something that is unusual or catchy, while the advent of romantic music became popular through the performance of Wagner’s opera Siegfried in 19th century. The romantic music focuses basically on the love, passion and emotions. During this era music got a new turn   and though it became more expressive more emotional and more philosophical.

20th century music:
This era is being considered as the revolutionary era for the music. Listening to Music became more and more popular during this time period. Radio played a common role in this era because it is due radio that listening to music became common among the people. Due to which new methods such as reproducing, capturing, redirecting and distributing of music started.
Classical music:
Classical music is basically considered as the purest form of music because in classical music traditional culture is expressed. If music is based on learned tradition, support from the church or government, or greater cultural capital then this kind of music is called as classical music.  Classical music is mostly considered as complex, complicated traditional and abstracted form of music. When it comes to classical music India is considered as best country which has the origins in classical music.