Music is the kind of art. Music is said to be organized sounds which give a pleasant or soothing effect on the mind. Music is also said to be food for the soul. Music basically has many types like jazz, rock, classical, opera, techno, rap and folk etc. Some of which are discussed below.
Classical music:
It is said to be the most complex for of the music. It is based on the traditions or the cultures. One who wants to learn classical music must know one of its famous melody known as ”raga” and he should also know how to co ordinate with other  musicians. For its learning proper training is must required.
Rock Music:
This form of music is originated in the 1950’s the rock and roll. The instruments of this music are guitar, drum and bass. Other instruments which can also be used for rock are piano, synthesizer, saxophone and flute. Sitar is used for making the effect deeper.

Hip-hop Music:
The use of instruments such as guitar, violin, fiddle, piano, bass and drums are always required for the construction of hip hop music. The bass is the chief instrument. This kind of music is basically used to express feelings of anger, pride and love. This music basically represents the hip hop culture that’s why the name hip hop is given to this. It has heavy influence of Jamaican music. African-American and West African music are the roots of its origin.

Trance Music:
This kind of music is mostly famous to be played in club houses and discos. In the 20th century it was originated. This music is featured by fast rhythm and repetitious beats of the bass beat. It has a mesmerizing effect on the listener’s soul.

This music is made by mixing strong and complex rhythms. The main instruments used for composing jazz music are cornet, trumpet or violin .They helps in constructing the melody. However, in this type the skilled musician can interpret a tune in his/her own way.

Folk Music:
Folk music is another kind of traditional music which carried down from generations to generations in every culture. This type of music reflects the emotions of common people .Two sub genres of folk music are tribal and popular music. The folk music represents culture heritage of ever area.
Techno Music:
Fusion music is referred as techno music. In the middle part of the 1980s it became popular. African-American music styles like funk, electro and electric jazz it is based upon. The significant feature is fast beats. Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May initiated its forms.

Opera Music:
In Italy in the 1600s opera musician was first emerged. It is a combination of theatrical art and musical invention. It is specifically played in the theaters. Its delightful orchestral accompaniment has a greater appeal. The tone for the action on-stage the music preludes and interludes are used. It mostly used in theaters.